In this day and age you rarely get what you pay for, and it’s even harder to find professionals who take pride in their work. Cynthia Zeito at Earthwise Cleaning Solutions is just that, a professional who is true to her word with exceptional quality. With one call we set-up our walk through, agreed on a price, and had our home cleaned all in the same week, wonderful! The walk through was very informative and a great form of communication for both parties. We were able to convey our needs directly to the cleaning crew and they were able to give us standard cleaning costs vs specialized cleaning estimates. Our home has a rambunctious toddler, we sometimes call Sir Crumbs A lot. So our home was a challenge for these ladies.  The challenge was well met.  We had a “Deep Clean” for our first cleaning. We couldn’t be happier with the work. Also, and the number one reason we chose Earthwise Cleaning is they use All Natural Cleaning Supplies which was very important to us. We do not want harsh chemicals used while we have a toddler running around the house putting everything in his mouth. Earthwise Cleaning is also very trustworthy.  They entered our home while we were away at work and everything was done when we arrived home that evening. I cannot tell how nice it is to come into your home and everything is just done. I will and have recommended Earthwise Cleaning group to my friends and family.

Ray Bahl - Olympia Steel - Sales